Can't get item off printbed for Lulzbot Mini!

Never had this happen before, using ABS 3mm. Any thoughts on how to get the item off without hacking it up?


You could also try heating the bed back up to 50C… at 100-110C, the plastic could become soft again allowing for the something to slip underneath.

Heat the bed up to 50C. If the parts are large enough, give them a gentle whack on the side with the handle of the clam knife or a rubber handled screwdriver. Sometimes it just takes a little thump. Removing parts from the bed of the mini is much easier that the older Taz with the PET print surface.

While the bed is warm, you can turn a can of PC duster upside down and spray the cold liquid on the bottom of the part. The cooling effect will help, sometimes.

Thank you! That worked out perfectly! Will be good to know for future reference. What would actually be best to prevent that from happening again? Is there a tape or anything I can put down on the heatbed?

The PEI surface that comes with the Mini is probably as good as it gets right now. It is far superior to the older PET standard. Trust me, I am running PET on my Taz. PEI on the mini is a huge improvement.

Since the Mini autolevels… Make sure the nozzle is clean of any built up plastic. The wipe procedure is should clean the nozzle, but the wipe pad needs to be clean. Reverse the pad or get a fresh one from Lulzbot.

I also use the z-offset setting in the slicing software to adjust the nozzle height. For printz with a lot of surface area on the bed, I raise the nozzle by .1-.2. The offset helps to lessen adhesion to the bed. YMMV.

Nopick, upgrade your Taz to PEI! I got the .010 x 12 x 24 from Amazon, and a sheet of 12 x 12 3m adhesive from Digikey here

Great tip kccchen_00 that wipe strip is looking beatup over here.

Ha! I already did once. It didn’t work out due to the PEI being too thick and bowed. I couldn’t get it to stick down flat on my glass. It was a throughly frustrating and expensive failure… I just haven’t worked up the motivation to do it again. I have been printing a lot of small footprint parts with PLA on the Taz so, removing them has not been a problem.

I might just save my money for the next gen Taz / Lulzbot Pro… whatever it turns out to be. I just hope they don’t reduce the bed width to 11.25 inches from the current size. I need the real estate.

I had a similar situation. I ordered a 12 x 12 sheet of .040 which was bowed. I didn’t even try to apply it to the bed. That’s when I saw one of Orias’s posts that they use .010 on the Mini. I ordered the 12 x 24 sheet of .010 and it arrived rolled up in a tube. I pulled it out and it unrolled flat. The biggest trick is to avoid getting bubbles under the adhesive.