Replaced Thermistor, still error

I’ve fixed several Lulzbot printers for schools. This is my first Taz 5 and someone else had worked on it.

Obvious issue was the min temp error, and I confirmed the thermistor was bad. No replacement was available so I put in the Titanaero with the E3D hot end.

First issue is I’m still getting the same error.
Second issue, instructions feel vague.
Third issue, even after delving through drivers, I still cannot connect to printer using cura.

All help appreciated.

Make sure the leads of the Thermistor and Resistor are not touching the aluminum block. My TAZ was getting the max temp error and I found that the PTFE tubing around the leads of the Resistor had gone bad and was allowing the leads to short. You can find PTFE on Amazon.

This is a brand new tool head, but I removed and inspected it anyway and the wires are well insulated and not touching the block.

Looking for another solution.