Carbon fiber on a TAZ5

Hello! I need to print some very strong parts, and I would like to use a carbon fiber roll I bought some months ago.
I know about its corrosive nature, so I bought this hotend to change the one on the TAZ5, as sugested by my provider.

Is a lot wider than the original one (0.8mm instead of 0.5mm), but it doesn´t matter. What I don´t want is to damage the original one.
So now I would like to secure my further steps. I must change the current hotend with it totally cold, right? What special advices could I take into account when doing this?

By the way… is there any other option that allows me to print with every type of filament no matter if its corrosive or no? Changing the hotend each time I need carbon fiber seems not very much practical. :confused:

Thanks in advance, people

I guess you mean changing the nozzle, not changing the whole hot end! If you get a steel nozzle with your favourite diameter, there is no need to change back. For the swap procedure, see my signature!