CF Filament in Taz 4

I run a FIRST robotics team and we’re looking at printing with carbon fiber filaments like Nylon X and PA-CF. Our Taz 4 has been upgraded to an E3D V6. In my head, I believe that upgrading the nozzle to an Olsson Ruby will allow us to print the CF filaments. Is my thinking correct? Can anyone give me some advice/guidance on this topic?

A hardened steel nozzle or an Olsson Ruby will be highly recommended for CF filament. Another item we found can wear down quickly will be your driver gear or hobbed bolt, and is recommended to move that to hardened steel as well.

You may also see some wear on your extruder body, but that should take awhile to start showing any issues. Essentially where that filament comes into contact with metal or plastic on your extruder, you will eventually need to replace.

Awesome…thank you.

Any recommendations on where to find a hardened steel hobbed bolt?