Exotic filaments

Hi all,

I’m a new owner of a Taz 6 and was wondering, I know that abrasive types of filaments like Carbon Fiber can/will ruin the nozzle. However, I was wondering if there were any known compatible exotic filaments that would work with the standard included print head/nozzle (bamboo, wood, copper, brass, bronze, colorfabb flex, ninjaflex, etc). Or, can I only use these if i upgrade to the Flexystruder? Thanks in advance.

  • Frank

Hello fbords,

A quick note about the hexagon hotend. You can use all rigid filaments with it, but if you use abraisive filaments,(carbon fiber) then it will wear out the brass/copper nozzle very rapidly. The others, woodfill copper etc, won’t harm the hot end.
You can not use flexible filaments through it as the extruder body is not designed for it. You will have to use a Flexystruder for flexible filaments. Also, you can not use rigid filaments through the Flexystruder, as it will damage the ptfe liner in the extruder body.
I hope this helps.

so if i wanted to print with 2 filaments and 1 was a flexible filament, would the flexydually work for this, or would i need to change print heads when switching between flexible and rigid?

Colorfabb says their nGen semi-flex will print with a standard extruder, but I have not tried it yet.

So are you saying I can not print with magnetic Iron PLA with the default hotend on the Lulzbot Taz 6?

You should be able to run iron with no problem as long as you’re not using a ton of it. If you are going to run a lot, you should replace the stock nozzle with a hardened steel nozzle. They’re relatively cheap and easy to install.

The really abrasive filaments are the ones where the filler is hard and sharp / needle like. Carbon fiber, glow in the dark, and glass are the worst. I imagine hemp might be pretty bad as well, but haven’t used it.

After that, you have the fills that are harder than the brass nozzle, but not so sharp. Iron and steel are good examples of this. They will wear the nozzle, but more gradually.

Then you have the relatively soft fills. Wood, cork, etc. I don’t think you really see any significant wear from these.

Search for the the blog post at E3D’s website for when they launched the hardened steel nozzles. They posted cross sections of brass and hardened steel nozzles after printing with carbon fiber. It’s really fascinating to see how the nozzles worse. It was more like they were gouged out than eroded away.

Regarding flexibles… Lulzbot does not currently support/endorse it, but I have had perfect results printing the new Ninjatek Cheetah filament with the standard print head on my Mini at 35mm/sec (I haven’t tried it faster yet). There are also a couple threads here where people report success with Ninjatek Semi-flex on the standard print head with the Mini.

I am not positive that will apply to the Taz6 - but believe the filament path is similar to that of the Mini.

I did use this part from Thingiverse, but others have reported success even without it (again, with Semi-flex and Cheetah – not Ninjaflex). I also found this video which shows printing Cheetah with a standard, unmodified print head on the Mini:

If you try Cheetah or Semi-flex, I recommend a layer of gluestick over the PEI. Even though Cheetah has been reported to release easily from bare PEI, I had considerable problems with it adhering way too well unless I used glue stick on the bed.