Changing colors mid-print

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to pause a print to switch colors. If so, how do I do this?

Most of the interfaces out there have some sort of pause button. You can also embedd a pause command in the gcode. Once you figure out how to hit pause in whatever interface you are using, then it’s just a matter of pausing the print, opening the idler arm, pulling the fillament, then inserting new fillament. Be aware it will take about 3-4 inches worth of extrusion before the color starts to shift. You’ll also want to know in advance that your fillament is the same diameter for each of the colors.

Thanks piercet. I agrede with you that is the procedure I guess my question should have been then how do I pause a print in cura using the lulzbot version of the program?

If you look at expert settings in Cura, there is a scripts tab. One of those allows you to pause a print at a specific Z height, and then move the printhead to another position. Then you could switch out filaments.

I’ve never tried this so I’m not sure what happens when you want to resume – I would presume that Cura presents a “resume” button or something similar.

Thanks Piercet, after going through some of the stuff you gave me and getting help from Lulzbot support I was then able to do a lot of research online and found out the way to change filament colors mid print in case anyone is interested. What you do is you load the following z pause plugin (which I modified so that the print actually restarts after the pause) into CURA and then just set the height at which you will perform the filament change. You can actually apply it multiple times throughout a print.

One thing, I have attached the plugin as a text file since I am not allowed to post .py files in this forum. All you need to do is open windows notepad and then change the name to .py at the end. Be careful not to save as a text file.
pauseAtZwithrestart.txt (2.2 KB)

BTW, to give credit where credit is due, here is where I got the replacement lines of code for the plugin

FWIW, that plugin doesn’t seem to work on my mini using Cura. It causes the nozzle cleaning to be interrupted and then jerks the head away grinding against the bed.

I would say it’s because the plugin doesn’t take into account the wiping. All it does is search for movements involving Z. You could easily adjust it to ignore the wiping I suppose