How to pause a print, change filament, resume, in Cura

Hi. I have a new Lulzbot Mini machine. Relatively new to 3D printing but have gotten a bunch of cool stuff printed so far.

I have seen some posts about this, but with no real details on how to accomplish. I want to know how to pause a print after a certain layer, move the extruder, change the filament, and then have it resume printing. I know I have to edit the gcode, but don’t know how or where to do that, or how to even load the new code after its edited. I am using the latest version of Cura.

Any advice?


When you get to the spot you want to change the filament, type this into the command input line in the print control window:

M220 S1

That will slow your printer down to 1% speed.

Carefully change the filament to the new color, then type

M220 S100

to speed the printer back up to regular speed. Keep in mind there is a buffer, so it might take a while for the printer to change speeds.

There are other ways, but this works.

The other way would be to put a pause in using the plugins tab after enabling full settings from the expert menu

I tried using the PAUSE plugin in Cura. My extruder paused at the right time. Moved to the right spot, but resumed automatically. No time to do anything.


We have requested a pause resume button to be added to the pronterface UI in Cura, but in the mean time we have a work around.

Typing “G4 SXXX” this will pause your printer for XXX seconds, and automatically resume after time has elapsed. This is the best way I have found so far to do a filament change mid print with a Mini.

Hope this helps!

Cool. I literally just tested that with a print that is going now. G4 S005, and it did pause for approximately 5 seconds and then resume. Two follow-ups.

  1. How can I get it to move the print head off of the object so I can put a new color in, push it through so it changes, clean the tip off, and resume back in the correct spot?

  2. What happens if the print head gets shifted during the filament change? Any way to get it back to the right spot?


In order to do a purge mid print purge (for a defined color change), you will need to operate the Mini through Pronterface instead of Cura.

Go ahead and load your model into Cura. Instead of opening the control panel, go to File > Save Gcode and pick a memorable location. Close out Cura, and open up Pronterface. Load the Gcode file directly into there and hit print. (Cura has a simple version of pronterface built in, and will look quite similar to what you’re used to.) It can be downloaded here if needed:

You will notice Pronterface has a pause button at the top, which will turn into a resume button once paused. After pausing the print, you can move your printhead using the compass rose in the top left corner. Move it up, and away from your print to prevent drippage as you purge. As long as you make all movements through pronterface, it will automatically return to position once you hit resume.

If you do not disable motors once paused, it should be quite difficult to manually move the printhead which will keep everything squared. (So it won’t lose track of where it is in relation to the print.)

It may be an extra step with an extra program, but hopefully we will be able to get a Pause/Resume button added to Cura Pronterface UI soon!

I no longer see pronterface available in the downloads section. am i missing it?

It is part of Printrun.

I downloaded Printrun and gave it a whirl, loading in the Cura gcode. It seemed to print fine. Lots more options in the GUI. But I also noticed, on a mac, when my screensaver came on or screen went off, the printer basically dragged into a slow snail, barely moving. The minute I typed in my password it came back to life. Any others experience this?

If you plan ahead you can use my method of changing filament. You have to manually edit the gode post slicing and insert the pause code. Works perfectly, and even allows for unintentional XY carriage movements.

I’ll definitely give that a whirl. In order to use the edited gcode, I hvae to save gcode out of Cura, edit it at the right spot, and then load back into Pronterface?


The problem I’ve been experiencing with Pronterface is that if my mac goes to sleep or screensaver comes on, it basically stops printing (unlike in Cura which chugs along). I hvae tried disabling screensaver and sleep and screen sleep and everything, but I don’t want to leave it on for like 20 hours while pritingin. Any other suggestions? Is this a known issue?

Get a raspberry Pi and install Octoprint. From what I’ve seen when my Mac goes to sleep the code stops streaming.