Problem printing two-colored object with single extruder


I tried to print one object with two colors by pausing, changing the filament and resuming the print in the middle of the print. The printing of second filament didn’t continue from the point I had paused and the second printed color was offset from the first color (see attached image). What can I do to improve the print so that the printing resumes from the point I had paused it? Printer is Lulzbot Mini2 and I use Cura 3.6 software for printing.

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How did you pause the printer?

When changing filament, any movement in X or Y may require that you calibrate X and Y before continuing. Of course, any movement in Z would require calibration, but the Z axis usually doesn’t move.

The Post Processing script ColorChange uses an M600 gcode command which is a firmware assisted filament change. I’m fairly certain that the Mini2 firmware has support for it.

I paused printing maually by clicking pause-button. The printing paused and the tool head moved automatically away from the object. I changed the filament and extruded a bit manually to clean the previous color out of the tool head and then clicked “resume”. I’m sure there was no manual movement in xyz during the filament change.

I try the post processing plugin next. Thanks for your answer.

Edit: I found youtube vid from lulzbot and I used the manual method described at 1:48

Edit2: Post processing plugin didn’t work for me either. I set Change color by layer number so that I would change color after 3rd layer, but instead this post processing was implemented before the first layer.