Chinchilla material

Has anyone had experience with printing Chinchilla material on Lulzbot (Pro,Workhorse specifically). We are trying with our Pro. The material is proving challenging.

Not exactly. We do print Filaflex, which has a similar durometer. As I recall we use the same profile as Ninjaflex.

What specifically are the issues you I are having?

Good morning Brian,

I am struggling with just loading: at 230-250c will not feed even adjusting tensioner to a loose pressure. I can get it to feed a bit at 270c but the filament appears to be “scorched”( brown tinting on exterior). I am still working with but was curious if others had a solution to share quicker. Thank you for your time and efforts on this. “Together we can”- this group is awesome. Have a great day

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I can’t speak to the WH hotend efficacy, but ave you cleaned the nozzle/melt zone? I print ninjaflex fine on my OG mini and Taz (with BMG). I have a mini2 with an aero hotend that is less-effective at moving material, so I need to print slower with that. For all of them, though, I make sure I’ve run some cleaning filament through first. Otherwise, residual higher-temp plastic can tend to grab the softer, lower-temp ninjaflex.

Thank you for the input. I am still trying. It will happen sooner or later.

I agree with @intelinc, run filament cleaner before and after using flex. The workhorse hot end is bad at jamming when changing filament types.

We usually loosen the tensioner all the way to load, then crank it all the way tight to print (which probably squishes too much, but it’s easy to train operators).

We also changed our slicer profile to extrude an extra 100mm in the skirt, because the WH firmware will over-retract oftentimes when starting a print.

You might also reduce your speed to around 30mm/s until you get it working smoothly, just to eliminate that as a cause. We’re able to run flex well above 60mm/s though.

What size nozzle are you using? We haven’t tried flex below 0.5mm.

Thank you for the tip. We are using the .5mm nozzle