Clack Clack sound on retract TAZ4 Budaschnozzle 2

Hi, I’m very happy with my printer after a couple of years of light to medium use. Lately, I’m noticing the printer does an increasingly loud -clack clack- sound when retracting filament; It is specially noticeable when doing series of many quick retracts. I’ve also noticed that there is some play between the small and large cogs of the Budaschnozzle so the sound is probably the product of gear wear.

Now, I am planning on printing the two gears and replacing them (wish me luck), and the question I wanted to ask is, should I add some lubricant to prevent these parts wearing again? silicon grease perhaps? has anyone tried this? has someone else experienced wear like this?


I don’t know if the budaschnozzle will support it? But what about alloy 910? It’s this sort of application the stuff is designed for.

Could also be the perfect time to upgrade to a hexagon hot end?

Thanks for the tip. Yes it is a good opportunity to go for a dual head hexagon.