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Hello All,
I know this isn’t really the right place but I am hoping for some help. My wife is a 1st grade teacher at a public school and they are trying to get the kids more interested in engineering as part of the STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Anyways, she wants me to bring my AO-101 in to do a demonstration for her students. I checked out the but wasn’t really looking for. I am looking for something a little more fun, quick (I will need to a print a bunch ahead of time) and something safe for the kids. I saw some little spinning thing being used as demo prints at the 3D Printing Expo here in Burbank but I can’t find the STL for them.

That’s awesome. Maybe a small keychain sized school logo or something might be interesting and memorable. Could be a low-poly or convex/concave to emphasize the flexibility of 3D printed parts.

Sorry I didn’t see your post sooner. I teach a STEM class to 5th graders and I’ve printed the gear cube from emmit and give them out to get kids excited about 3D printing. I make them at half full scale so they print really quick. It might not work as well for 1st graders as you could get a finger pinched but I’ve found that kids really like it when you have interconnected parts that can move–planetary gears are another good one. If you are going to do stationary pieces and you want to get some attention make stuff that they already find interesting. I usually go for things that involve minecraft. I know nothing about the game other than it is an awesome tool to get kids motivated to learn how to program in python and make figures on a 3D printer. I spend a little cash and get the blue T-Glase and print a minecraft diamond sword at half scale and kids freak out over it, it’s pretty fun. Here’s the one I use It’s a pain to make with all the support scaffolding that’s needed but it actually comes out really nice. I print it with no infill, 2 perimeters, and 3 top/bottom layers to make use of the T-Glase clarity.

I was hopping to print out something all the kids could take home. I did print out the gear cube, it is pretty cool and I will take it in when I do the demonstration.

Lulzbot was printing out little planetary gear spinner thingys at the 3D Printing Expo in Burbank but I can’t find the STL for them anywhere online.

I probably won’t be doing it for a couple more months.

do you mean like this?

This whistle is about the loudest one I’ve ever seen…LOL
And what better for 1st graders, something they can annoy people with… :laughing:
Or perhaps even protect themselves with as they can also attach it to a key ring or necklace?

Prints fast and very little work to knock the ball loose…

Well designed IMO…

Yes, like that only the internal gears were hollow and the outer wall was thin.

Lol, While that is an amusing idea, the unfortunate part is the teacher is my wife would be the main target of the annoyance so I don’t think it would be very good for my health to give her students high pitched whistles.

look around here:

I found this one which might be what you are referring to:

What kid wants to mess with a whistle…LOL :blush:

The last time I was at RadioShack buying some breadboard jumpers… There was a grasshopper about knee-high, telling his mother what Arduino kit he needed for his 7th grade projects…<— and I live in the most technologically illiterate state in the whole grip(Louisiana) :unamused:

I see allot of gears… Which seems a bit advanced…Hard to CAD/configure… hard/lengthy to print…

What about one of those “3D” puzzles? Good for the boys and girls? I know I’ve seen them on ThingiVerse…