Show off your prints and creations

Extra internet points if your printed objects are serving as replacements in the field! Be kind and link to the model if it’s available.

This is one of my favorite things to play with: Screwless Cube Gears

I’ve used these quite often: Acrylic Box Vertex by ScribbleJ

One of my earlier prints that I was really proud of: Accessible Wade’s Extruder

My first two prints after the bed calibration print to check how level the bed is. I haven’t adjusted anything but the Z axis. I raised the limit switch and set it myself just because I was afraid of it hitting the bed.

Nothing special I’m just excited to have this thing. :smiley:

Edit: added the truck I made straight from the sdcard gcode


Here is the octo that ships, but sliced with KISSlicer and scaled to 60mm height.

Here are a couple after a nice acetone vapor bath.

My android legs, stands 77cm/30" tall so far, over 50 hours of print time on my AO-101 (and more pieces to make), more at:

its not painted or assembled yet, but thought I’d share what my printer’s been up to the past week or so :slight_smile:

and an update:

Creations are selling on
Pillbox. Fuel Injection holder for KTM dirt bikes.

Numerous brackets to fit LED lights to many dirt bikes.