Cleanest Support Material Options - ABS - Taz4

Hello. Newb here. Got a brand new Taz4 system at work. Immediately got a request for R&D parts that were a slight rush. So no playing around with settings and “learning” at a leisurely pace by making octopus and pliers .

I’m using Slic3r (1.1.6 version), loading the Lulzbot ABS profile for support in medium speed .22 layers, then sending gcode to pronterface, and printing from there.

So the first parts came out good enough to use :mrgreen: , but the support material “leftovers” on the parts was rather unprofessional looking. :confused:

I’m wondering what the “cleanest” settings are for when I need to use support materials on parts I build. Should I use honeycomb, or rectilinear or what? What other things can I tweak to improve the finished part surfaces that mate with support material?

Thanks a bunch in advance. Wicked cool printer and a very fun challenge.


Check out:

Also, I find that in the newer slic3rs, I like to set the overhang threshold to 70%, the pattern spacing lower than the default, and the interface layers to 0. I printed this thing: in tpu with a %70 threshold, default spacing, and 0 interface layers and I was pretty impressed with the results. To figure out that config, i ran 3 50mm spheres, and just refined the settings each time.

I think rectilinear is better, because it is easier to break off and takes less time to print. You can get cleaner bottom surfaces by lowering the pattern spacing, but it will take more time and material.

If your’e having a tough time with a specific part, post the .stl. You might get a good .ini and a .gcode back.

Remember: is your friend!

I made a horse that had support and it turned out ok.