Clone 3D Printers

Show off your Lulzbot clone machines and modifications you have made on the original designs.

The River City Labs z@ (Pronounced ‘z-at’) 3D Printer

This is about 70% Original to the design and 30% my (Joshua M) and a fellow member (Todd C) of the makerspace I am with (River City Labs in Peoria, IL) design and reconfiguration.

Major modifications:
Electronics Mount (All Custom)
Ramps 1.4 Kit with 500w AC Powered Heated Bed running through an AC-DC SSR
Electronics Mount can mount a Raspberry PI B/B+/(working on the 2 mount)/(working on the Beaglebone mount)
Added a camera mount for Octoprint
Used M8 Threaded Rod for the z drive screws (also have the file for openbuildstores 8mm acme screw / t-nut mount)
E3d v6 Hot end
Bowden Extrusion Drive using Hecustruder found on
x-axis brackets are routed plexiglass with heatsets vs aluminum
y-axis end plates are printed plastic vs aluminum
pulls power for the Octoprint device from the main power supply

Next Steps on this modification:
Designing a form fit enclosure

That is a pretty sweet clone. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost you to produce? I have been thinking about doing my own.

If you have a 3d printer you can build it for about $1000.

I am also interested in how much it costed you, it’s a pretty damn big beast. :laughing:

Hi - Great job on this clone.

I’d like to make one too - are you willing to share your print files?



Love your antennas. Have one for my Solo lol. Interesting to bump into you here! :slight_smile: