Mini 1 to 2 Conversion

Just wanting to keep a build log of the conversion of My Mini 1 to a Mini 2

So far I’ve got all the parts for the LCD mount done, though I have to dig through lulzbot files to see if I can find the top cover plate for the LCD, as its currently not in the Mini 2.0 section.

Got the Z mounts printed, though I ran out of black on one, and will need to reprint it or else it will drive me nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

Using a Reprap Guru controller, and got a fresh roll of ribbon cable and ends for mounting it. Main issue is I use an enclosure so I will need to make a new front to acomidate it.

One big difference for my build is I don’t plan to use the Titan Aero, looking at the Titan Aqua. Talking with the E3D guys on the 3DPrinters discord chat to make sure I get the right unit.

Currently I’m waiting on a new roll of ABS to keep printing the rest of the parts, should show up here sometime today. Will post more as things progress. Will also have to cut my own heatsink plate for the new board. Good thing my work has metal fab tools and tons of aluminum.

Great to hear, we look forward to seeing your progress!

We get those machined from printed solid, and can find the source files here:

yeah, i saw your guys conversation about having them made for finishing reasons rather then print them

A few of us around the building liked the printed ones better, but it didn’t quite have the “crisp” finish that we were going for. We include the STL file on all Mini 2 SD cards for user customization should they see fit :smiley:
Also writing this leads me to correcting my link above. STL file for LCD cover can be found here:

DOse anyone know if the z-rods on the mini 1.3 are the same 315mm needed for the 2.0? Mines currently running so I can’t take it apart to measure

Also, the modular heating bed. Is it just the same glass as the stock bed, minus the silicon heater? So if I’m able to remove the heater I could just reuse the old glass?

Well according on the B.O.M. for both of them - Yes to both.

New set of rods, and heat bed are on the way. Waiting for E3D to ship my Titan Aqua and cooling system. Will make my own dc-dc converter since I have so many LM8712 regulators sitting around. Upper z-mounts are printing right now, LCD case is done other then needing its hardware installed which should be done today.

Got my heatsink for the Rambo Einsy done. Nice having fabrication tools at work. It’s 2.5mm instead of 2.3 but it should be, just can’t wrench down on the screws too hard, plus the thermal pad should compress some. May sand it down more later but should be ok for now.

Still waiting for the release of the z-brake board. I should have enough connector ends and wire for everything else. Now it’s just a waiting game on parts.

so far its been nonstop printing everyday to get the parts done. all that I have left are the jigs and the Extruder mounts which I am holding off on till I have my Titan Aqua in hand to make sure I dont need to make any changes. still need to make a new control screen holder that clears my enclosure.

I got the Einsy Rambo, not the retro. is that going to cause me any issues with the firmware or should I contact Ultimaker about swapping the boards?

For an easier install and flash, we would highly recommend contacting Ultimachine about swapping the board. It has been awhile since we tested a stock Einsy, and some items have changed. For example the Standard Einsy lacks a connector for the fan at the correct voltage for our standard tool head, which may require you to use a different fan or piggybacking off an endstop pin.

That being said, all of our firmware source files can be found here: If you are comfortable adjusting firmware, you should be able to make the changes required to get up and running with that board.


Decided I wanted to keep my original build plate for just in case. Went to a local glass shop and had some new plates cut. Right thickness too. Decided I’d be a little fancy with it and got some nice swirly green. Not Lulzbot green, but still green. It’s nice and flat too.

I came across a model for a “Beefy Extruder mount” but it looks unfinished as I see no mount for the drag chain. Any info on this design? Seeing as I plan to go water cooled I think it may be a better option for me

Still waiting on that z-brake board to be released. Would be really nice to know when they may come out

Hello all,

We apologize for the delay. There was a need to rework the ones we had in house before ordering more. At the moment we are waiting for the warehouses to get stocked and then this item will show in the online store shortly after.

Again, we apologize for the delay,

ok, so its been a while now. still waiting for that z-brake board to do my full conversion to a Mini 2. Any ideas when we can get them? I signed up on the news letter and everything that was suggested in the other thread. Just wondering when I can finish this project.

Yeah, this one is taking a little bit. We have a few things going on atm :wink:

We’ll turn up the priority and try to get this one pushed through a little faster for you.

its been almost a month, still no listing of any Mini 2 parts on the store. Any update on when we can expect the parts to be available?

Hello and sorry for the continual delay on this one.

Here is the part number for the board kit: KT-EL0073

Go ahead and contact our sales department to order due to not being listed on the website yet.

It’s there, it just hasn’t been added to the site.

Phone: +1-970-377-1111 Ext. 600
Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time (1300-2230 GMT), except U.S. holidays.

Again, very sorry for that very long delay,

This kit is now live on the website:

Again, many apologies for the delay