Colordfabb Woodfill is awesome!

I ordered on a whim some Colorfabb Woodfill filament to play with.
As a test, I printed some grips for a Han Solo Blaster that I have been working on printing.

These came out awesome! They look like carved wood!
I am most impressed with this filament. It smells good when printing and even smells like wood after the print!
I read that this stuff can be stained with normal wood stain. I will be doing that soon!

I love it when things work!

Pretty sweet!

ColorFabb WoodFill is favorite material to print with. I’ve tried several other wood or wood-like materials (Proto-Pasta Coffee PLA – I hated this so much I threw it in the bin – repeatedly jammed my print head and stringed like crazy and eSun Wood PLA – very stringy and the color is really orange and artificial looking) and ColorFabb is the best hands down.

It’s my favorite material full stop.

The only issue is cost. $55 for a 600g roll is pretty rough. That’s 4x what you pay for eSun PLA. Otherwise that’s all I’d use :slight_smile:.

Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s also very light, so I think it’s not so bad when you consider that.
Plus, it’s real wood!

I stained those grips. They turned out beautifully! I didn’t even bother to sand them!
Here’s the finished blaster. I know it’s not museum quality, but I like it!