colorFabb XT - Delamination

Greetings, I just got some colorFabb XT (Red) and fired up the latest version of Cura. The resulting print using Quick print was a bit bad. The layers are peeling apart and I’m seeing holes in the top layer. I noticed it was printing at 230 but the temp on the box is higher… any reason the quick print profile is set this way? Any ideas on improving this?

Lulzbot mini

We have been looking into the XT profile, as we have had a couple of reports of problems while printing. As the XT is an Amphora 1800 blend, it should be pretty similar to our Inova profile which prints at 245c. We have had good results printing the XT with the Inova 1800 profile, please give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

Thanks, I’ll check that out. I’m doing a test print right now on S3D using 255C and will see how that compares to the Inova profile on Cura.

Printed a tripod to GoPro quick release adapter using the Inova 1800 profile with great results. I had tried using my converted PetG profile on S3D but the integrated threads would not print properly. Thanks for your feedback!