Cura 2.6.52 ColorFabb_XT profile giving me issues

I can print PLA just fine on Cura 2, and on Cura 1 I use the ColorFabb_XT profile to print my eSUN PETG filament just fine. But when I use Cura 2 (I’ve tried 3 different versions), I always get the temp error and my print just stops. Luckily it’s within the first 15 minutes or so.

Now I’m printing PETG using a PLA profile but with increased temps on Cura 2.6.52, and everything is just fine. Is there something I’m missing here? I really liked the Colorfabb profile for my PETG.

I guess i should mention, this is on a Taz 6.

You’re probably cooling the heat block too much, so try lowering the cooling fan percentage amounts. YMMV.

That’s what I was thinking too, but I was using the same profile as in the original Cura. So it should be the same right?

But i will try that once my print is done tonight, thanks.

Edit: Where would the extruder fan settings be? All I can find under “Cooling” is:
Fan Speed
Regular Fan Speed
Maximum Fan Speed
Regular/Maximum Fan Speed Threshold
Initial Fan Speed
Regular Fan Speed at Height
Regular Fan Speed at Layer

Edit 2.0: Is it the “Extrusions Cool Down Speed Modifier” which is 0.7 for ColorFabb_XT but also 0.7 for PLA settings which I’ve been using on my PETG which doesn’t throw the error.

Try a lower value for this setting.

Hello forg0t,

Thank you for the report, and sorry about the issues! We have gone ahead and gotten this reported on our code site: and will look into getting that fixed up!

As for now, we have a couple suggestions to get you up and running. ColorFabb XT and Inova 1800 both use the same base material (Amphora 1800) and should be pretty close for functionality. Go ahead and try a print using the Inova 1800 profiles, and see how it comes out.

Also looking into the differences in the profile of Cura Original and Cura LulzBot edition, it appears we are running our fan a little faster in the new edition. Old version ran 50%-70%, while the new version is running at 100%-100%. (This is our current suspicion, and plan to look there first.)

For anyone else experiencing issues with the new release Cura LulzBot edition, we would love to hear about them. Please feel free to send into or you can directly log a ticket here:

Yeah I wish I knew this before I contacted you guys by the phone. They had me test my thermistor with a multimeter and it came back at 93k ohms. So they said my thermistor was bad and I replaced it with another thermistor which, pulled 93k ohms, then I broke the thermistor pin :/. I then learned that at room temp 100k thermistors show up as 93k…

Now I’m just waiting for a new thermistor from Lulzbot :[.

What do you mean by 50-70 and 100-100? First layer-Rest of the layers?

So you were right on the profile fans being set too high, Inova 1800 has the same issue. It’s at 100%-100% as well. Since I’m more familiar with simplify3d settings and was having the same issues there, I have adjusted the fan speeds in simplify3D and am printing now. And so far no problems.

Just wanted to give you a heads up on the Inova settings.

Thank you for the follow up! We did some similar tests in house using XT and our default profiles, and we were unable to reproduce the issue. You can see some photos of the results here:

A couple of items to check (if you are interested)

  • resistance reading on heater cartridge and thermistor at room temp
    ** Heater cartridge should read ~20ohms, thermistor ~100kohms
  • PID tuning for the hot end (with fans turned on)

Those items should help maintain temperature and prevent a heater error.

Thanks for looking into this for me, I’m just going to assume eSUN PETG specifically cannot be run with 100% fan. Lowering the settings back to cura 1 fan speeds seemed to have resolved the issues. Sorry to cause any trouble.