Colorfabb XT Profiles for Taz 6

Good day. We spend some time researching filaments after using nGen and it being too weak and brittle so we decided to buy Colorfabb XT. Now we have 3 huge rolls and cannot find CURA profiles. Can someone please attach a standard profile that works, we saw some at the link below but they downloaded as .curaprofiles and we cannot figure out how to load it. Thank you in advanced.

As we do not carry ColorFabb XT, we have not spent time developing a profile for it. However, we have had positive results reported from using with the Inova 1800 profile. Some tweaks may be required, but it will be a good starting point for you.

Thanks for informing me. I’m just a bit weary of tweaking settings that I do not know what they mean. Just wondering why nobody has used this filament and if that may be a sign in itself. I see other filaments profiles that are supposed to be more complex like corkfill but no Colorfabb XT

Hey no worries, when first starting out it can be a little overwhelming. We have a detailed manual that explains all of the settings on LulzBot Cura 21.08, and it will be a great starting point when making changes. (Manuals can be found here: )

The Inova Profile should work wonders with the XT. After looking over their site, the ColorFabb XT is made with Amphora 1800, the same base material that Inova 1800 is made from. (Same base material, different manufacturers.) The profiles should be pretty much spot on, and not much tweaking will be required.

Give it a shot and post a photo of a print! This community is willing to lend a helping hand, and a photos are truly worth 1000 words.

Thats very encouraging thanks! I will try something simple tonight and see how it goes!

Okay I was able to load the Inova-1800 profile to use on the Colorfabb XT and here are my results depicted in the images. Not too bad, my only questions are 1. How do I get the filament to finish the top “points” properly this was two different profiles including the high detail profile but it still could not print the tip properly. 2. These stuck to the PEI very strong, they were small so they where not too difficult to remove but I could image it may be very difficult with a larger part, is there anyway to resolve this. 3. Is there anything that you can notice that needs top be changed in the settings to make the print better? Thanks in advance.

This is due to the small are at the top of your print. Essentially, there is not enough time for the previous layer to cool before trying to lay down the next layer. You can increase cooling settings and/or change minimum layer time to help fix this up. However, it is much easier to print two pieces positioned apart on the bed. This will allow the part time to cool while the tool head moves back and forth between the two pieces.

We have found the PEI sticks really well, sometimes too well! We have certain materials we recommend using a glue stick on (Inova 1800 is one of them) in order to help part release post print. I would recommend printing out the temperature table included in the manual, and keep it near your printer.

Suggestions above!

And always remember, we have a support team available 24/7. Feel free to send an email to or give a call to 1-970-377-1111 if you have any other issues!

Thank you!