Comprehensive List of TAZ Modifications

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The Taz 5 bed and the Taz 6 bed do not use the same mounting hole locations. Anything that is designed for the Taz 6 bed is going to be off a little bit. The closest you are going to find are the ones here: That will fit the Taz 6 build plate. If you are going to use the Taz 6 build plate, the belt mount is also completely different, so you’ll need a replacement front Y axis plate, the taz 6 front Idler mount, the belt mount, the button mount, the Y bed plate wiring harness and an extra limit switch, along with the auto leveling washers since the 6 plate will not fit your 5 style corner mounts. If you want to use the 5 plate, you’ll need to either redrill some holes or redo the bearing holder part.

Thanks a lot. I already did my bed corners for the 6, got the new 12mm rods, ordered the carbo fiber motor and idler y mounts, but couldnt seem to get the bearing holders to line up with the predrilled holes on the build plate I got for the 6. Ill try a test print of the bearing holder .stl that is on thingiverse with the 12mm rod corners. Thanks for your help.

Ok sorry to bother you again, but does the Taz6 use 12mm rods for the Y-Axis? The bearing holders I keep finding dont align with the drilled holes in the Taz 6 build plate. I just tried the ones listed in the official downloads section and they seem to be for 10mm bearings but the Y corner .stl files labeled as Taz_6_12mm_Y_rods_1_0_a_LR_corner.stl appear to be designed for 12mm rails on the Y-Axis but the bearing holders in the same directory for the Y-Axis are clearly for 10mm bushings. Any help would be great because if I can get this bed mounted I will have a fully functional Taz 6 that all the printed parts were made with the Taz 5 sizing right next to it. I guess i could use the ones I just printed for the 5 build plate and just drill new holes, but if there is a correct file I could print that would be a much better option for me.

The 12mm bearing holders in the thingiverse page are designed to fit 12mm this bearings. They use the same dimensions as the ones for the x axis. I’m pretty much 100% certain they will fit a 12mm bearing because I designed that particular modification. The stock tax 6 y axis uses 10mm rods.

Gotcha! Do you know of any 12mm single bearing holders that will fit on the TAZ6 bed, that wouldnt require driling new holes in the platter?
Id just adjust the files I currently have but my terminal crashed and I basically lost EVERYTHING on my HD, so no more cad software, or any of my .stl files. Trying to deal with that and get this printer upgraded at the same time has been sort of a nightmare, so your help has been HUGE and cant thank you enough.

Those will fit the 6 bed. They will not fit a 5 bed .

I’ve added the BLtouch and made a nearly complete tutorial,

I am new to 3D printing and my new Taz 5 is my first experience. For space considerations my earliest prints were brackets to mount the filament 1kg spools on top of the frame dropping directly to the center of the build plate without Bowden tube. Therefore the print head is pulling the filament but with drag from the plastic tube of the spool mount. Should I try to mount the spools on bearings to reduce drag or include a Bowden tube, or?
Many people said Taz machines are the best, this must be true as compared with other brands, there are few comments/mods on the web for Taz machines.
All comments are welcome as I have much to learn,
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I ditched the tube. Caused too many clogs. I also mounted spool holders to the top of the unit like you described. One thing you may notice on faster prints is weight displacement issues. I keep a full spool of filament on the stock filament holder when im printing so there is even weight distribution throughout the machine. It may just be in my head, but ever since putting a spool back on the holder and printing with the filament fed down from the top of the machine, im getting much much better print quality. Again this could all be in my head.
But seriously the tubes suck, no amount of lubrication has helped prevent the tubes from clogging for me, so I just got rid of them completely. Once i discovered the best retraction settings to use for each material I was printing with, not having the feeding tubes installed became a NONISSUE.

I see many of those mods listed that hasn’t been touched in years (including the original post), are they still “good”?

Depends on which Taz version. There are newer ones for the 6 that I haven’t got around to adding on the list yet. But most of them will still work wth a 3-5.

I’m looking for mods specifically for the Taz 6

The Openbuilds Y axis will work on the 6, There are also these specific ones that I’ve designed recently:

Openbuilds v-slot X axis for Taz 6

Openbuilds V-slot X axis for Taz 6 with Integral Antiwobble

Standalone Taz 6 antiwobble

Taz 6 style External Y belt tensioner

The back brace will fit a 6, though you might need a wider lower 20mm extrusion

The bearing hat will fit a 6

The Rev 4.0 lightbars will fit a 6

There is also the Taz 6 12mm Y rod thingy