Comprehensive List of TAZ Modifications

This is a duct I designed for a 25mm fan for the heatsink on the extruder:
Mounts in the original place using the original blower screw. Tucks nicely out of the way.

I think that the TAZ 6 has a similar heatsink blower, but uses a much bulkier 30mm (or 40mm) fan.

This 25mm muffin fan and duct arrangement completely cured our PLA filament jamming/grinding problems. Glow-in-the-dark PLA and metal-filled PLA are no longer a problem.

Bill D.

My previous extruder modification, adding vents and a fan to the extruder body to combat heat creep, was only partially successful in solving the problem. At this point I am suggesting that mod should probably be removed from the list, as I don’t think it is worthwhile.

Meanwhile, I have designed a fan shroud and mounting clip that appears now to have completely solved the heat creep problem, after many hours of printing. I designed the parts for the Dual Head V2, but I suspect they may also fit and work in the single extruder head, although that is yet to be verified.

I am asking that you please review the following post and consider adding the upgrade to this list:

Thank you!

Is there a mod out there as an upgrade for the younger Taz’s so that it can preform the auto-cleaning sequence without having the purchase a new aluminum under plate?

You will need to modify the taz 6 or mini wipe startup gcode to use it. It does require drilling the bed plate, but that can be done on the frame.

Let me know if it needs any changes

Is there also a guide on how to upgrade to Taz’s auto level system instead of the 1013’s method with an activator and a toggle? Is it worth buying all the parts to do?

The capacitive auto levelling is expensive so I personally think your missing an auto levelling link (original forum by 1013):

I didn’t think the older 1013 auto leveling would still fit the Taz 5, I guess it does though. I’ll add it to the list when i update it, I have to go through it and see which mods will fit a 6 anyways soon, plus I need to post a few more of mine that are in the works. Ther is a retrofit “add the mini disks to the corners of the Taz 5” project out there in the forums that at least one person has implemented, and there is talk of a retrofit kit being released. If nothing else you can buy the bed plate from a couple of places if the users are still selling them.

Thanks man! this list is wonderful after being away for so long. I cant thank you enough.
I like your videos and your work! keep it up.

You’re welcome!

Hi, I was wondering if you would add the Titan E3D V6 mount to the list? Here’s my link to Thingiverse, which is a remix from another which I strengthened and also put in heat set inserts so not trying to thread all into plastic :slight_smile: I also made a more “printable” fan shroud/duct from scratch. Thanks!


UPDATE 08/01/16: Extruder is up and running! Added final pics with wiring and 20mm test cube printed using new Titan and E3D. Working great! Definitely a weight savings for sure!

Any updates for taz 6?

great post, is it still the most up to date? looks like the last modified date was Feb 2016

It’s still mostly up to date. It’s missing some of my newer projects and a few other things, I haven’t had time to go through and update it, or add a Taz 6 section.

Also my work, specifically TazUp - .

Are there any of the modifications that can be used for a Taz 6? I’m new to 3d printing as a whole but I’m really interested to achieve higher printing speeds at a good quality.

Yes, the openbuilds x and y have been ported to the taz 6 frame, you can do the aluminum bed mod, and there are various other extrude and perephrial mods that will fit. There is also a 12mm rod y axis mod that also exists. I haven’t updated the list to show 6 compatibility yet.

Fwiw, I, too am tremendously curious, eager, and waiting to see possibilities for upgrades to this very good printer. Currently, I wonder if the hotend is really great our just proprietary? Please update post with coolest mods available – no matter the cost :wink:

Would the extruder mod for the TAZ 5 work on the TAZ 6? I am looking for something to take away the play in the extruder assembly and this mod looks perfect. just curious if it will fit the 6 or if someone has made a 6 modification?

TAZ 5 Strengthened Hexagon Extruder Body:

I found this as a remix to work for a 6. Anyone verify/use it?

Thanks! Rich

any way you could just link these 3 somehow?

Just got myself a Taz 6 and am loving it. However compare to the Taz 5 that I used to operate at work the 40mm hexagon fan is totally in the way of my view of the nozzle, so I drew an elevated fan duct.

Not sure if quoting this comment is really what I meant to do.
Ive used a bunch of the mod links to upgrade my Taz5. I did the X-axis mod for 12mm rods and used linear ball bearings, as well as upgrading the Y-axis rods to 12mm using the Taz 6 12mm rod corners and 12mm single bearing holders.

Ive done so many upgrades to my Taz 5 that Ive been able to assemble another printer from all of the old parts. #stoked
My problem though is that I cant seem to find the correct 12mm bearing holders for the Taz 6 build plate in any of the printed production parts on the Lulzbot Downloads page. The mounting holes for the Taz6 aluminum bed are not in the same position as the ones on the Taz5 bed. Ive printed a few different 12mm single bearing holders from the downloads page and none of them seem to line up correctly with the holes drilled into the platter. Could you possibly point me in the direction of the correct .stl files? Im going to use 12mm rods and linear bearings on that bed as well. Im not sure why itworks3d sent me the Taz6 build plate instead of the Taz5, but Im not complaining because this thing looks super rugged. I just waited to long before I could send it back for an exchange. If this is a bother for you I can give Aleph objects a call and see if they can point me in the right direction. Your comprehensive list is epic so i wanted to say thanks for that as well, because Ive learned so much about 3D printing just from the mods on that list.