Constant Extrusion

Hi all

Im completely new to 3D printing, only got my mini yesterday and had good fun printing various things.
However today I tried to print something and it did not extrude so I cancelled it and removed the filament and re inserted it, it extruded but now wont stop extruding, only a little bit but it just keeps going.
I have tried removing and reinserting it several times and the problem persists, any ideas?


Do you mean the extruder stepper is constantly spinning or the nozzle is just oozing when it’s hot? If it’s the second, thats normal. Nothing is stopping the liquid PLA/ABS :wink: Only heat it when you start printing.

Yes, the second. Ok didn’t realise that as I hadn’t noticed it doing it before, many thanks for the quick reply.

What you have is called oozing, Normal. If your printing the heat has to be left on. Get some Scotch brite pads the green fine ones they usually come in packs of 3 or so. Keep one by the printer and use to wipe the nozzle as needed. You can also use the Machine control panel to Retract the filament a little bit.
BTW Once you get the filament started and printing, leave it alone don’t be removing and reinstalling. When done for the day, snip it off a couple inches above the feed roll and put the spool back in a bag.