Extruder hang out...

For some reason my extruder has decided to just hang out at the end of a print. It stays still and hot. If I’m not it the room it leaves a little glob and clogs. Maybe just a restart of the computer? Thought the forum might have a hint.

What kind of filament are you using? What temps, which printer do you have? You should be able to manually extrude filament by opening the hinged idler on the extruder body, then push the filament into and out of the hot end.

The gcode footer usually homes X and turns off the temp. Perhaps check the default slic3r config and use that, if you aren’t already. Or tell us which one you are using, if that is missing.



Thanks Orias and jebba! I just restared my compurter and that seems to do the trick. Printed out a quadcopted fram for a student today. He was super pumped!