Mini 1 Intermittent extrusion problems

Hey hivemind I’ve been having this issue lately. It’s extruding perfectly in some areas and it looks like it’s under extruding in other areas. It doesn’t look like it’s just a first layer problem, there are sections of the prints that look perfect and sections that look like they’re under extruding. Does anyone know why this would be happening?

I’m running a stock mini 1
I have checked the calibration for the extruder and it looks good.
I have checked the diameter of the filament and plugged it into cura.
This print is set for 100% flow rate when I normally do 90.
I have checked the tension of my idler.
I have tried different filaments, it acted the same with three separate filaments and didn’t happen with another.
The filament that I’m using is from a Lulzbot directly.
I have tried different STL files.

It looks like you might have a partially clogged nozzle. Run through the steps on this guide and let me know if this solves it: It does also look like it could be heat creep, which can be harder to fix than a clogged nozzle.

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I tried a few different times, the first couple of tries yielded a long string so I reduced the temperature from the recommended 100 to 90 and tried again. this time it pulled less and the (white) filament came out dirty.
I pulled two more times until I didn’t get any black on the filament.

I will try a print tomorrow and see how it goes. Thank you for your help.

Make sure the filament is easily coming off the spool. Not many turns in the path or nothing hanging up the spool to impede the filament.

Spot check the filament diameter.

What type of filament?

Ok, I have finally tried another print, sorry for it taking so long.

I am using PLA, it’s getting near the end of the roll but nothing is preventing it from being pulled in by the extruder. I check the filament diameter before most prints and it has been consistent.

I read that the nozzle being too close to the bed might be making pressure build up inside of the nozzle so I printed a 1 layer print, measured and then adjusted my z offset. and it seemed to be better. but it is still under extruding in some areas.

I did notice something odd this time, when it is under extruding there is a different noise coming from the extruder motor.

You can hear it at 4-5 seconds and 12-14 seconds.

Thank you for your help.

Hey guys, I think I got it figured out: as Jonathan had suggested it seems that it was a clogged nozzle. I tried on a couple of different occasions to do a cold pull with PLA to clear the hot end and it hadn’t worked. So i got some ABS and did the cold pull with that, it seems to have gotten more out as well i took some PLA, coated it in olive oil and ran that through my extruder then loaded clean PLA and ran it until the filament stopped coming out oily (if you’re doing this be sure to cover your bed, you DO NOT want that oil on your bed)

I’m running a print now and it seems to be working well.

Thank you for your help in pointing me in the right direction.