Converting Taz 6 to Workhorse

I was wondering if any has ever thought about converting their Taz 6 to a Workhorse or even beyond that upgrade the screen and board and bed leveling system lol. I started with 3d printers in 2017 with a Tevo Tarantula and that thing was a pain to put together and at the end it was no longer a Tarantula. since then I bought a ender 3, Creality resin, and now the Taz 6, I have always been a fan of 3d printers since i started learing about them way before i got my first one. I also have in order the The Original Prusal XL, and the Hitry Rocket 1 resin. Getting back to what i would like to do. i want to start by converting my Taz 6 into a Workhorse, would it be as simple as printing all the upgraded parts and swapping them, and also replacing the one y shaft for the two. eventually I want to upgrade the old one color screen and put something more up-to-date. with a 32bit board maybe the Duet. your comments are greatly appreciated

You can visit to get assembly instructions for the printers.

There is even more detail at … but that gets a bit tricky because products are referenced by internal product codenames rather than the product name used for consumers.

Printers get codenames based on types of trees. The TAZ Workhorse is ‘redgum’. Much of what you might want to know about a TAZ Workhorse would be here: Index of /TAZ/redgum

I do want to caution you on the RAMBo board. The TAZ Workhorse uses a modified version of the RAMBo 1.4 (and you can buy one through the LulzBot parts website). I think a TAZ 6 early build would have a RAMBo 1.3 (I think that’s right) but it can use a RAMBo 1.4 (and that’s what LulzBot sells as the replacement board.)

And while you can get a RAMBo from other sources, LulzBot hardware patches the board by soldering in a couple of capacitors. They do document the process. Just be aware that if you choose to source the board from someone other than LulzBot, you’ll need to solder in the capacitors following their instructions.

The Workhorse doesn’t use Z-axis lead screws… it uses a belt-driven Z axis. The bill-of-materials (BOM) would list what motors and belts are used, etc. The site does have all the parts fully documented.

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Keep us posted if you go down this road. I would seriously consider following your lead.


a very interessting topic, have looked at the same possibilities.

I have an TAZ 6 that is converted to Archim 2 now and would the mechanical upgrade to the Workhorse parts make it like a TAZ Pro without the fancy toolhead and color display?