Cooling PLA

How are you doing it? Just a standard box/reciprocating fan aimed at the print bed? Or is there a way to have a fan mounted right on the extruder head? Thanks

We have a fan mount that we’ve been testing on our development server. I haven’t had a chance to try it out personally.

How/where would the fan get connected to the TAZ? Any idea what size the fan should be to fit that mount?

It should fit the common 40mm fan and mount on the X axis carriage.

I mean, electrically where does it connect? Is there an existing 3 or 4-pin connector on the control board?

I have no idea how it all works, and what would need to be enabled in firmware, but the Rambo board has provisions for fans as needed…

BUT NOTE, those mosfet outputs are 12V! so pick your fan appropriately.

The extruder fan would connect to the connection labeled in red, Mosfet Outputs > Extruder 0 Fan.

Any suggestions for a fan that would work? What sort of connection is that on the mosfets? Will I need a special connector to get them to work with a fan?

We carry a 12vDC Fan 40mm that would work well. You can use a Phoenix or TE CONNECTIVITY / BUCHANAN - terminal block plugable, 2 position, 30-12AWG connector to use with the connectors on the RAMBo board.


See my test: