TAZ 3 with new TAZ 5 Compatible Extruder

Hi, I am running into one slight problem with my TAZ 3. I installed the new extruder which has been quite an adventure since the new head I bought was for a TAZ 5. The only problem I am having now is powering the 24v fan I have adapted to the heat sink so that I can better prevent ‘heat creep’ and clogs and also the machine I hear will print better prints. I removed the 5v blower fan and used an extra 24v fan from a Lulzbot Mini extruder I had sitting around. According the schematics I have from Lulzbot support, I have the molex connector right. It also seems I have it plugged into the board properly. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have been reading that I may need to splice the wiring on the extruder fan and solder the other 24v fan into it. I am not sure if this is the correct solution. Has anyone tried this? I will provide photos if needed. Thanks!

Here is the whole step by step with pictures https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz3-hexagon-toolhead/accessories/

You may be running into the firmware upgrade step issue. If you don’t load the modified 3 firmware to enable those fan pins, they are empowered by default.

The barrel cooling fan also should be a 5v fan, not a 24v one. The filament cooling ones are 24v. You can change some of that around, but it requires firmware and physical port adjustments.

Make sure you load the modified 3 firmware unless you upgraded the leadscrew to tax 5 spec at the same time. If you load the 5 firmware, your z steps will be incorrect.

Try connector X30 on the RAMBo(near the E1 motor connector), it has 24 volts on it for the 24 volt barrel fan you used.

I updated the firmware. I am still unable to control the 24v fan.


http://reprap.org/wiki/File:Rambo1-2-conn-main.jpg - Here are the schematics of my Rambo Board.

I have the E1 open but everything else is being used up. Should I try running the 24v fan there? It is showing a 4 pin connector but I only need two pins to run the 24v fan. Thanks!

E1(X7) is the connector for the second extruder motor, and connector X30 is right near that connector. Your board may not have X30 loaded if you got the wrong board in it. It is only a two pin connector(MOT AUX).

Hello all-

I see references to “modified 3 firmware”.

Can anyone share their TAZ3 firmware for the most recent Cura (or most recent you have working)?