Creating single nozzle width features

I am working on a project that requires very thin wall features. Wall thickness needs to be one nozzle width +10-20% wide. I have a TAZ 6 printer using a .35mm nozzle. I am currently using CURA software. From everything I have tried, CURA only allows me to get down to 2 nozzle widths wide. I have improved that slightly by modifying the overlap and reducing flow. I have also tried “spiralizing” in the expert config.

Can anyone tell me of a way to print features at a single nozzle width? Is there another software that will allow this?

I’m not sure of how simple your part is because you did not include a photo or sketch.
I’ve had success at printing 1 shell widths for lamp shade I created.
I used something called Black Majic.
It’s in a peculiar advanced menue, in CURA, I’m not exactly shure how to find it at the moment.
Based on other threads recently, the 0.35 nozzle might be somewhat of an issue.
I’ll be dealing with the 0.35 nozzle issue sometime soon because I’ll be in need of printing some very small parts.
Anyway, I’ll attempt to attach a photo of my lamp shade. It’s printed in Village PLA natural.

I hope others will chime in and that my comments and photo will generate some interest for you.

Thanks for the reply.

I have tried using the Black Magic previously and I can not get it to print in a single nozzle width.

Hi again
I took a look at my globe file notes to see exactly what I did there for the single wall.
The STL is a shell with no walls drawn in.

Usually I draw walls on my parts about 2mm thick and that’s how they print.

With the globe, drawn as an open shell with no wall thickness, the spiralize worked.

I use Sketchup to do my modeling and the solid inspector says that Sketchup does not recognize
an open shell as a solid, but when 3D printing the file it works.

I’m hoping my ramblings here help you in some manner.