Critique my benchy boat!

Hey all,

I’m posting today to share the current print quality of my Taz 6. The machine has been running 24/7 since I received it 4 months ago, with incredible reliability. Quality has been mostly acceptable, so I didn’t do any benchmarking or make refinements to the stock profiles before today. Here are the Cura settings for my first benchy boat:

*Layer Height: .08
Shell thickness: 1.0
Enable retraction: Yes
Bottom/Top thickness 1.08
Fill density: 20%
Perimeters before infill: Yes
Print speed: 50
Printing temp: 205
Bed temp: 60
No support
No brim/raft
Diameter: 2.85
*Flow: 95%

Esun Cool White PLA, 2.85mm
Print time: 5hr 21min

The parameters shown in *bold are the only ones that were modified from the Lulzbot stock PLA high-res profile.

Generally, my prints have always had a little more ribbing than I’d like. I would love to hear what you guys think; any comments/tips/feedback would be greatly appreciated! I’m hoping to get the best prints possible out of my machine. Images attached.

(I also just received some PETG filament to try, that’ll come next)

Actually, I just realized that I started with the Lulzbot Polylite PLA profile, rather than Esun.

The only difference appears to be that Esun profile has Bottom/Top thickness set at 1.12.

Is anyone getting better prints than this with PLA?

Thats a decent benchy, You have a bit of first layer overextrusion (which is normal it’s built into the default profiles byd esign to promote good bed adhesion) The text on the transom is clear, the text on the bottom isn’t. Temperaturewise you’re doing pretty good, it could use a bit more fan on the window bridging operations. The hull zits are probably either starting layers set to random position and not set to internal perimiters, or you might have a bit less retraction than you would otherwise want. Overall not bad for a first attempt.

@piercet thanks for the feedback!

I’m currently trying to get PETG working, limited success so far.