Trying to match PLA print quality of Ultimaker 2+

I have been beating my head against the wall for some time now trying to achieve the same print quality from my TAZ 6 as I do from my Ultimaker 2+ and I’m hoping to find folks out there with experience using both of these printers to set me straight. There are a number of issues I’m dealing with but I’ll only be discussing one in this post.
The two pictures attached illustrate the difference I am seeing when printing the same stl on each printer. The shape is essentially a bowl and the poor quality appears all the way around the lower (overhanging) portion when printed on the Taz 6.

Here are the constants:
Ultimaker - 0.6mm dia nozzle / Cura Ultimaker 15.04.6
Taz 6 - 0.5mm dia nozzle / Cura Lulzbot 20.01

I have experimented with varying parameters across the board when printing on the Taz 6 (ext. temp, layer height, shell thickness, infill, feed rate, print speed, etc) and multiple 3mm materials (MatterHackers PLA, Ultimaker PLA, eSUN PLA, Colorfabb nGen). Nothing I have done has corrected the issue. The Ultimaker however will print it near perfectly within a broad range of parameters using any of these materials.
Does anyone know what might be the problem? Could it be the slicing software?

Hello Edgehill,

It looks like you have a couple of contributing factors. One will be the settings in Cura that you are using. It appears that the filament is run a little too hot with not enough fan setting to set the material where it is laid at. Part of this may be due to the Esteps settings. I would run a calibration of the Esteps and see if you may be over extruding.
This one is for the Mini, but the process will be the same. Just make sure to store the Esteps settings once you are done or it will revert back to where it was.
If that doesn’t help then get with tech support and they may be able to help.

I’m curious to see what the problem is, I’ve got the same issue on my taz5, can’t print ‘reverse dome’, I got the same result.

Thank you for your response. I actually ran an Estep calibration recently on my Taz 6 (as part of a failed attempt to eliminate the constant PLA stripping issue). It was over extruding slightly but I made and stored the adjustment and it’s dead on now.

I have attempted printing this at temperatures all throughout the specified ranges for the materials used though I have not varied the fan settings. Perhaps this is something I should try.