First Benchy: How to improve!

Hello Folks,
I just got a Taz 6 for my office and I am trying to learn how to get the most out of the printer. So far adjusting the layer height (i have gone to .08mm for some of my more detailed items) seems to yield better prints (at the cost of print time) and I have backed off on the Z Axis a tad and that has given me a smoother print with less bubbles.

I did my first Benchy on standard Polylite PLA settings (quickprint with standard print quality). I think it looks pretty good but I want to know what I can do to improve my prints! We will be using this to create prototypes to send for sculpt approval so the better the quality the quicker the turn around!

Heres my Benchy I appreciate any feedback that I can get, just please remember this is my first printer and I have 0 experience with 3d printers other then knowing they are super cool.


Thats a good 1st print. Your question is so vague without pointing to specific problem you see in the benchy. You already stated in your post different layer heights vs time relates to quality. Lulzbot does a very good job calibrating and tuning the printer b4 they ship it.

What to you looks bad about that benchy?

Start here:

Watch alot of youtube, read alot of troubleshooting guides. Learn your printer, print alot of models. Get your feet wet. Any problems, post back here.

That’s a good print!
Maybe a little bit over extruded, try to decrease the flow to 90% or 95%, give a try to find the correct value, I’ll start at 95%

I actually read about that and I tried to do it and the flow was spotty, like REALLY spotty, is there something else i need to enter to ensure solid dispersement with a lower flow?

Thanks I will read all I can on this!