I just updated Cura to 15.02.1 and noticed HIPS is not listed any longer U-pet is there now. Is this the same as HIPS with its settings for U-pet?

Hi GeorgeKuzyk,

For the Ultimaker versions of Cura, you will want to use full settings instead of the quickprint settings, which we haven’t tested. Then simply load in one of our print profiles for your printer from our site here:


Thanks for the info 3dprintdaddy. I did not see much difference in the two programs so i went back to using the lulzbot program. I tried Matter Control, for some reason the temperatures would change halfway through the build and caused the extruder to stop feeding the filament. I set the temps for the filament what lulzbot recommends and they dropped down halfway through. Sent this info to tech support at Matter with the g-codes from Cura and Matter Control for the STL file of the build and they could not understand what the problem is. One thing I did like is the settings in Matter Control that it will notify you by email or text when the build is done. It would be a nice addition to Cura if they would consider adding that to the program…