No HIPS choice in Cura Normal Print Screen

Good Morning All:

Searched but couldn’t find this question. Just started printing (or trying to print) with new Mini yesterday. Downloaded Cura, and then reinstalled. Under normal print, it offers me a choice of three preloaded profiles: ABS. PLA and U-net, but not a choice of HIPS. One person suggested simply checking ABS because it is similar enough. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem.

Still haven’t been able to successfully print the Octopus, but will try in quick print rather than normal print and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks for any help.

Good mornin! I believe the issue will lie with your printer selection or version of Cura. (We do not have a preset profile for U-net.) First we want to be sure you are using the LulzBot version of cura found here:

After verifying the LulzBot version, got to Machine > Add New Machine and run through the process. After the set up, ensure you are in quickprint mode by going to Expert > Switch to Quickprint. This will get the quickprint screen as shown in the LulzBot Mini User Manual and will have the HIPS option under beginner filament.

We hope this helps!

All appears to be well, thanks to the suggestion here and excellent support from Lulzbot. For whatever reason, CURA installed a Lulzbot mini, but not a “standard mini.” What I didn’t know is that the printer was not going through the cleaning and leveling routine before printing. Thus the extruder didn’t really know where the bed was. As a result, at some point during the print it would hit and drag the object off its mark.

I removed and reinstalled the printer as directed and now the leveling and cleaning are taken care of, and prints print perfectly. They all stick just fine to the bed, and the option to select HIPS as a quick print option is present. Thanks to the forum and to Lulzbot for great support, even over Christmas weekend.