Cura 18.0.3 download stopped by firewall virus scanner

I was attempting to download Cura 18.03 and our “Untangle” firewall virus scanner blocked it do to
“win.trojan.ramnit-8177” found.

I don’t know if this is a false positive or your program is infected.


Additionally, I downloaded it outside our company firewall and ran a scan on the file using my laptop virus scanner and it came up OK.


And the saga continues…
After download and tranfering Cura_18.03.exe to my desktop and installing. It seemed to install properly. When I attempted to run the executable my desktop virus software(Trend Internet Security) block its execution and removed it.
That virus scanners listed “HEU_AEGISCS219” as the threat.

So basically two scanner have flagged this as infected.


Sorry to be so scattered on this, but after looking closer on my system, Cura 18.03 loaded and is still present. I ran the scanner on the Cura execute files in the CUra directory and they seem to be clean. It looks like the issue is in the installer and it was the installer that was removed. But I can’t be 100% sure that it is or if it is not a false positive.

You should look into it.


It downloaded the the firewall at work and passed the local scanner.!/results/file/4b6ec83ce5e849bfb22f727ff2fbc5db/regular

That site runs many scanners on a file, only one reported an issue. I think it’s fair to say it’s a false positive.