McAfee and other antivirus software may false positive on Cura LE

Hello, tried to install the new LE Cura on a new laptop and McAfee stopped the installed and deleted the download.

Not sure if this is a false positive but I can’t get it on my new laptop to run my Taz 6.

Anti virus software is doing its job… thats the problem.

contact Mcafee (or whoever your AV software is) and raise it with them.

if you trust where you got the cura (or whatever) turn the AV program off whilst installing it… then run the AV and it ought to scan ok

cura, by definition, has to alter settings in your computer to work… this action should be stopped by the AV unless the AV has already been told, by update, that it is safe… you can tell McAfee to ignore the program if you’re sure its from a reliable source.

I feel you buddy! So frustrating! Wish they would do what’s necessary to deem the executable “safe” and not picked up falsely by the Anti-virus software. A lot of information out there on how to do this with the old interface. McAfee changed their interface last year Sept. 2020. I was in the same boat, McAfee’s interface isn’t intuitive at all! Here’s the link to the article that should help get you on your way.

McAfee KB - How to exclude files from virus scans on Windows or macOS (TS102056)

We have a trusted and signed certificate that we use for all of our windows builds of Cura LE.

If you or anyone else have more information on how we can make the Anti-Virus softwares happy then we would be more than happy to go through that process.

I just reverted to an older version. There are no changes for the Taz 6 anyways so I will just archive that build until the last Tax 6 reaches end of life. Thankfully LE Cura doesn’t interfere with the newer versions or the DigitalFactory so the Lulzbot machines will just stay put until EOL.