Cura 2.6.63 cannot find/change any parameters

My screen looks nothing like the manual, and I cannot find a place to change any of the many parameters described in the manual. Some examples:

  1. There is no overhang view. Only Solid, Xray, Layer.
  2. If I go to either Settings or Preferences, I find a “settings visibility” menu, in which all of the parameters I have read about are displayed, but only with a checkbox controlling “visibility” of the parameter. There is no value, nor any ability to change the parameter. Whether I set it to “visible” or “not visible”, it is not visible anywhere. I see no menu to change or even see the value of any of these parameters. I have been around all the menus about 100 times over a period of 5-6 hours. I cannot find any new menus.
    For example, just looking at the first few items on the “settings visibility menu”, I see for example “initial layer height”. I am told in the manual that this should be defaulted to 0.425mm, but I cannot find what it is set to, nor can I change it. I only can check a box next to “initial layer height”, and checking this box does nothing as far as I can see. Same is true for about 100 other parameters on this list.

I do see elsewhere a few parameters. For example, I see a menu for skirt/brim/raft/none. I see a few other isolated boxes I can control. But it is basically about 1% of the parameters I can view and change. The rest are a mystery.

I think I found it! There is a small button on the right side that says “Recommended” or “Custom”. When that is pushed over to “Custom”, then the parameters appear under that button. This program essentially has no documentation…it is like a puzzle game.

Not a full manual, but lots of info here: