new manual for latest version of cura

Is there an updated manual for the latest version of cura on the Mac
I downloaded version 2.6.63 on my mac and have it working however all the documentation I find on the net and also in the book I got with my new TAZ 6 does not match anything that comes on my screen
It would be so much easier learning how to use it if there was some proper reference material

There isn’t a manual for latest version, but what are you trying to figure out? There are some websites that describe what the different settings in custom print do.

These should help out

We’re updating as we go, while we’re doing so, take advantage of the tool tips displayed when hovering over each setting. These tool tips will have a bit more info about that setting and how it relates to, or is influenced by, the other settings.

Ideally though if you’re just starting out you’ll stick to the preset slicing profiles included in Cura LE. They’ll work for 90%+ of what you’re trying to do.

This video will talk you on a video tour of Cura LulzBot Edition by highlighting some differences and through a first print: