Question about Lulzbot Cura

I am wondering how I can actually SEE the slicing with Cura. I can’t seem to find anything about it in documentation or in program but I know some programs allow you to slide the mouse down the model and see the layers and infill etc. I figured Cura had a way to do this but maybe I am overlooking it.

Also, I just got my Taz 6 and am wondering if I need to do any sort of firmware updates on it or how would I know if I do or not? I saw something about that in Cura I think also.


Switch to layers view with the button in the upper RH corner of the display window. In the default view, the button is labeled “normal.”

If you would like to see the individual movements of the head, Cura does not currently support that. You can however load your Gcode file into the website: and it will allow the scrolling function you are looking for.

Both of these answers are helpful guys… Ty! I’ll try both.