Cura 2.6 - "material_soften_temperature"

In the legacy Cura profiles for Mini, three temperatures were used:
(1) Soften material for retracting,
(2) Soften further for wiping nozzle,
(3) Printing temperature

In Cura 2.6, the Mini profiles are missing the “Soften” temperature – and go directly to the “wipe” temperature before retracting. The “soften” step isn’t in the start Gcode, and in fact “material_soften_temperature” feature has been DISABLED in the Mini machine definitions, which prevents it from showing up at all in the UI. The TAZ6 profiles still enable material_soften_temperature, AND use it in the start Gcode.

Retracting before going up to the wipe temperature helps prevent oozing during preheat for certain materials. There are significant differences in the “soften” and “wipe” temperatures, as seen in the table created for this task:

Can someone from Lulzbot comment on why this feature was disabled for the Mini? I’m hoping it was just left out so that Cura2.6 could launch on time, and the intent is to enable it and use it in the start Gcode for future releases.

Running me wild today Scott, thanks for the feedback!

It looks like that one is just disabled in the machine settings, and it is still quite present within the program.

We have opened a bug to get the start gcode back calling out soften temperature, and allow this setting to pop up again:

Brent.I – Great! I patched it here by editing the machine definition, entering temps, and adding the line to start Gcode. But those are all files that will get replaced by future version installs, and I don’t want to have to merge my changes every time! :slight_smile:

FYI – It appears the feature was intentionally disabled for Mini and left enabled for the Taz6, per task T518 on 8-Sep. But I don’t see any explanation or discussion as to why. I certainly want it back, unless there was good reason to disable – maybe tag nickthetait for discussion, since he created T518.

Thanks for your help!