Print temp changes

hi i have a taz 6 3d printer and every time i use cura to upload gcode, i set the printers required hot end and bed temperatures but octoprint or cura keeps changing the hot end to 170 degrees C. for example im trying to use t-glase which is 230 degrees for the hotend and 60 for the bed, when i upload a print using cura or just in general the temp changes the hotend to 170 and wont change back. does anyone have any ideas?

Is that actually during printing? I’m pretty sure the re-wipe temperature is hard-coded to 170 °C in the firmware (a constant frustration for me when I print with nylon).

Maybe check your startup code in Cura to see if there’s an errant M104 or M109 being sent prior to printing?

I agree with @cg49me … this sounds like the wipe temp.

If you go into Cura “Preferences” and look at “Printers” -> pick your TAZ 6 (whatever you named it) -> “Machine Settings” you can view the “Start G-code”

This code will be sent before the rest of the g-code in your print jobs.

This gcode normally heats the hot end to whatever the “soften” temp is and retracts some filament so that it does not ooze when the printer is performing the bed leveling (any filament between the nozzle and the washers would prevent it from sensing the bed… it uses electrical conductivity to sense the washers … so the nozzle and washers need to be clean of all filament.)

Next the nozzle should drop the temp down to the “wipe” temp. It will then perform the wipe.

Next it goes to the probe temp and performs the bed leveling.

Lastly, it raises the hot-end back to the print temp for “layer 0” of your part (as defined by Cura) and also raises the bed temp.

Once it reaches those temps, it will re-prime the nozzle with the filament it previously retracted… and starts printing.

To find out what all those temps are… while still in Cura “Preferences” go into “Materials” then pick your t-glase. Select the “Print settings” tab of the material.

You should see it all listed out there. Those are the defaults. But if you close out the Preferences panels and go back to your job settings, you’ll see all those same settings listed again in the “Materials” section of the job and you can tweak it there as well (and those will override what you saw in the Preferences).

On my Cura install, I see the “probe”, “soften”, and "wipe’ temperatures are all set to 170°C (but I’m using a TAZ Workhorse so your temps might be slightly different.)

You might see “Printing Temperature Initial Layer” (that’s the temp that the g-codes will set before printing). After the initial layer it should switch to the normal “Printing Temperature” (which might just be the same temp … but Cura will let you print the initial layer at a different temp than the remaining layers.)

OK, yes it is a wipe temp but in cura the temp for t-glase is hot end 170 and bed 60 so will it be fine if i just change the material setting in preferences or do i have to change other stuff also?

and how can i change the material temps in cura, if possible

Is the answer to this problem set the wipe temp higher ? that would cause problems i think but cannot see any other solution posted here.

having the same problem, everything worked for years then one day all temps revert to 140 and bed 60, no matter what i do, no matter what version of cura i download. ZzzZz

No need to change the wipe temperature. There’s no risk of the printer actually “printing” material at that temp. Bad things might happen by trying to increase it. Keep in mind the whole point of wiping the nozzle is in preparation for the bed leveling. The printer uses electric conductivity to detect when the metal nozzle touches the metal washers on the corner of the bed. It warms, retracts, and wipes the nozzle in an effort to try to remove any filament residue on the nozzle that might act as an insulator and give you a bad leveling result.

Each material type has it’s own “wipe” temp. It is a property of the material.

The soften, wipe, and probe temps are all designed to help you get a good bed leveling result. The printer will heat up to your desired temp before printing. No need to try to trick out the start g-code or edit the temps.

If you were to raise the wipe temp up to the print temp, then it can get hot enough to ooze while trying to wipe and probe and if this happens the bed leveling operation might get a poor result. Best to leave it alone. The soften temp is high enough to allow the material to retract. The wipe temp is just warm enough to let the wiper scrub any filament residue off the nozzle but not hot enough to allow it to do much oozing. The probe temp is meant to be below the temperature at which things can flow (so no risk of oozing while it does the bed leveling.)

Again… it will heat to your requested temp before the actual printing of your part commences. These are just steps it does to clean the nozzle and get a successful bed leveling run before the job starts to print.

Good to know ! but i’m no closer to solving the problem :frowning:

It’s time to see a copy of your machine’s start Gcode.