Cura main branch equivalents

I was wondering what the equivalent settings in the main branch of Cura are for probe, soften, and wipe temperature? Or if they don’t exist, is there a relatively easy way to recreate them? Or am I just out of luck? I imagine I could edit the start gcode on a per-material basis, but I’d rather not get into that. With Petg I was having trouble probing at the print temperatrure of 235 (oozing).

…I like working from the main branch as my other printer is set up in there and I find it to have a few more options and fewer bugs.

Short answer is that manual editing of the gcode is the only solution currently available. The long answer is we are waiting for ultimaker to change the behavior Adding Official Profiles for LulzBot Machines by rhendersonLulzbot · Pull Request #10232 · Ultimaker/Cura · GitHub .