Cura 20 Pause at Layer plugin


I just started to experiment with 3D printing on my brand new Mini and wanted to know if multi-color printing with a manual filament change was feasable. I found the Pause at height plugin in Cura, but although it worked somewhat, I started hacking up my personal version to cater for my needs.

Maybe it’s of use to anyone, so I thought I’d share it with the community.

Changes from Pause at height:

  • Pause before Cura Layer number instead of Z height mm.
  • Insert Layer comment after pause, this solves some glitches with gcode viewers (e.g. octoprint)
  • Set resume layer speed factor, might improve adhesion after filament change
  • Set resume layer extrusion factor for new layer, same reason
  • Set resume layer fan speed, same reason (100% is profile max fan speed)
    (Any resume layer factor change is valid for the entire layer and gets reset for the next one)
  • Fix absolute extrusion problems (unwanted retracts) when extruding during pause

Known problems:

  • A lot of (commented) debug statements lying around the code
  • Not tested for one at a time prints!
  • Cura renders 1st layer after pause extremely bad, but it doesn’t affect print quality.
  • I’m not planning on supporting this code, just sharing it as is

Download, unzip, save in ~/.cura/plugins and enjoy. (2.38 KB)

Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. The Lulzbot folks should include this as part of their Cura Lulzbot Edition (and support it).

Now would be a good time to add it to the Cura 2 beta.