Cura 4.5 Profile for Taz 6

Does anyone have a profile for Cura 4.5 for the Taz 6?

The difference with Cura 4.x is that it lacks the machine plug-in for LulzBot printers. This means it doesn’t understand the variables used in the start g-code for things like ‘soften temp’, ‘wipe temp’, probe-temp’, etc.

You can still use Cura 4.x … but if you copy the ‘Start’ G-code from Cura LulzBot Edition, you’ll need to find those variables in the G-code (they are all enclosed within curly-braces {}) and replace the curly braces (and all the text within) with the actual temps you want to use because Cura 4.x wont understand the variables.

Thanks for that. I usually use the Lulzbot version but I have a file that for some reason won’t print in that version of cura but when I load in regular cura it shows it will print ok. I have narrowed it down to a part of the model is to thin to print for some reason but not in regular cura. Thanks for the help. Oh and the same file in S3D won’t slice correctly either.

Did you use the “Print Thin Walls” option in Cura? I’ve had similar issues and that option solved it for me.

Is this available in the Lulzbot version of Cura? I searched through it and either I am missing it or it is not there.

Yes. “Print Thin Walls” is in the “Shell” category of custom settings.

If you don’t see it, go into Preferences -> Settings and you can search for it (e.g. just type “print thin” in the search box at the top of the settings panel). When you find it, click the check-box. Anything not checked is hidden (wont show up in the job settings). Anything checked will show up in job settings.

Thank you very much. Found it and it now slices.