Cura with original Taz 1


After a long hiatus, I recently downloaded the latest version of Cura and I noticed that it does not have an option to select a model of Lulzbot Prior to the Taz 5. How can I configure Cura to work with my printer? Or, what is the supported software for using it at this point?

You will have to go with a Custom printer and fill in all the necessary values yourself. Hopefully, you still have the version of Cura that came with your printer and can use that to determine as many settings as possible.

I think the biggest challenge will be the start gcode. You may be able to extract that from any old .gcode files you have saved from the last time you printed on your TAZ 1.

You do not have to use CuraLE at this point. You could use Ultimaker Cura, PrusaSlicer, or any other slicer you want.