Cura LulzBot Edition test packages

We’ve been secretly, in a completely none secret way, working on a customized Cura for use with the LulzBot TAZ and the coming LulzBot Mini. The changes have been mostly in graphics and quick-print settings. Credit is still owed to David Brahm for developing Cura, as Cura LulzBot Edition is still largely the reliable software developed by David with Ultimaker.

You can download the most recent revision packages of Cura LulzBot Edition at You can also find the source at

The software is still in an early testing phase but is largely usable. If you do find any bugs or issues please submit them to the github page, There is ongoing work so make sure to check back on updated revisions on that may include fixes to your found issues.

To use the customized quick-print settings you will need to run through the Add new machine configuration wizard. Selecting the LulzBot TAZ or Mini in the configuration wizard will load customized quick-print settings for the selected printer.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or post an issue on Github.

Is there, or will there be, a Mac version?


I’d give it a shot, but I get


You don’t have permission to access /mini/software/cura/packages/current/Cura_14.09-1.03-5018_win32.exe on this server."

piercet, the windows version should be fixed and downloadable now.

gapdev, we do plan to have a OSX package available. Currently packaging for OSX has turned out to be the most problematic. As soon I we have one available I’ll link to it in this post.

A new revision is available including a fix for the Pronterface UI in the Windows package:

We’re still working on a Mac package which we will hopefully have soon.

New version 14.09-1.05-ea4c has been uploaded. It has built in configs for HIPS, PLA, and ABS.


New version cura_14.09-1.06-f719_amd64.deb has been pushed.

After a restart I got the software to install. I can’t save my code though (icon is grayed out). Is this not a functioning feature yet? I have a TAZ 4.

It is! We’re tracking down the cause of that and expect to have another version up soon. In the meantime, you can use these versions instead:

mousera, a new version of the Windows package is now available which should fix the issue you were having. The package has been updated at The working package is named Cura_14.09-1.06c.exe.

I am working on some further updates tonight, so there may be a revision 1.07 by the time you get to it.

Got it to work. Thanks for fixing it. I really like this compared to Slic3r. I’d love Slic3r if it didn’t struggle with some very complex models. I think this will help propel LulzBot. We use your Taz 4 for prototyping at our company.

mousera, great to hear! Please feel free to give feedback on anything you run across.

For others looking for a build for Mac, you can now find an OSX package at

Revision 14.09-1.07-6997 is the latest.

Not sure if it is a issue but I found that the fan was turning on during a ABS build. I thought I’d read that the fan should stay off with ABS? Is this wrong?

I also noticed that it does not create support material even if I check the option. Is there more I’m supposed to do?

Also is there a changes link? It would be nice to see what is changing between the different version.

You generally want the fan off with ABS except when you are bridging (running one filliament strand from one side of a gap unsuported to the other) or printing a very small part where residual heat from the nozzle would cause deformation. Generally aside from that you would want it off.

If you switch to a different kind of hot end there are other models that require a fan on regardless of the material, such as the E3D v6 or the Hexagon.

Good to know. There is still the problem of there being no support material. Would be nice to have an update if others are having the same issue.

Are you selecting Support type: everywhere?

So if I go into expert it does show support material. If I’m in simple and select the option it does nothing. I’d prefer to be in simple. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel I just want good prints. Also during my last print I get separation in some of the layers. Any recommendation for that? Material was ABS on a 1x6x8.5 inch build.

The quickPrint settings are defined by the machine type selected during the Add New Machine configuration wizard and then which machine is selected in the top machine drop down menu. If you want settings we’ve defined for TAZ you will need to run through the config wizard and select the TAZ. If you are seeing an issue with the Quick Print mode, please list which machine you have selected.

With that said, it looks like I didn’t put in the support settings in Quick Print for the TAZ like I did for the Mini. I’ll add that in for revision 1.08 which I should have up in the next few hours. Also, I’ve added a brim selection in simple mode which will be in 1.08.

For changes, I will add a list on the devel page but you can find all changes on the github page by looking at the git commits.

I was using Taz profile and even re-added it. I look forward to the version 1.08.