Cura and 0.5mm lines

I’m using a Lulzbot Mini with a 0.5 mm nozzle and I have a project where I’d like to print some walls that are about 0.5 mm wide (or at least print just a single line of filament), but Cura (neither the 14.09 Lulzbot Edition for Mac nor the Linux version 14.09 on Debian Wheezy) will print those walls. These are short 2.5 mm long walls between heavier structural components (I don’t expect them provide structure, just be there).

Slic3r and pronterface do work for this, but I find pronterface annoying (*).

So I’m wondering if there is something I can change in Cura to make it print a single half mm line? I made a super simple file for testing it out – Cura will print the 1mm lines, but ignores the 0.5mm lines – in the normal Cura view, the object looks like what you’d expect to print, but you can see the missing lines in the layer view – the only lines that get printed are the ones with a 1mm width.

I’ve tried these settings, but no luck:

shell thickness: 0.5
initial line layer width: 100%
dual extrusion overlap: 0 (I don’t think this applies to me, but I’m trying everything)
infill overlap: 0

(*) When I forget to turn off the energy saver settings on my computer (it is the Mac that’s directly connected to the printer), pronterface goes dead when the screen goes blank and the printhead just stops wherever it is at (the computer itself is set to never sleep, just turn off the monitor). It seems I always forget this and bork my first print, and then later, forget to set the monitor to go blank again. Secondly, it sometimes pauses printing just if it isn’t foregrounded, making it really hard to do something else on the computer while it prints.
hatching.stl (11 KB)

You can generate the gcode with slicer and then load it into cura.

I bet if you change the nozzle diameter to something smaller, it will generate code for those lines.

Don’t forget to use the layer preview in view modes!

Neat idea! I didn’t try printing it, but I did take a look at that test file I uploaded in Cura (Linux, 15.02.1-1.03). The largest diameter I can set it at where it still shows the narrow lines at is 0.33343333333333333… I think the 3s after the 4 will go on forever. Must be some sort of issue akin to rounding (though I don’t totally get it because you’d think a 3 or 4 would floor and thus not matter). That 4 is interesting in the 10k’s spot and the digits after it do matter so 0.333433333334 causes it to fail for example.

Anyway, this is more encouragement to try a 0.35 nozzle.