Cura dual extruder

When I had my single extruder attached and was running Cura there were options on the quick print screen labeled “Quick print”, “Standard” and “Quality Prints”.

These options are not available when Cura is set for a dual extruder. So instead you have to switch to “Expert Print”. The problem with this is it does not give you the ability to select your materials. In the “Expert Settings” I have been able to shrink the layer widths from 0.38 to 0.2 which seems to make an ok print but not nearly as good as using the “Quality Prints” setting available with the single extruder.

Does anyone know how to create a profile with the proper settings for a “Quality Print” that I can use while also being able to choose my materials properly?

Thank you! :smiley:


If you will go into Cura and go to machine and select machine settings and change to the standard tool head (you don’t need to flash the firmware) then go to quickprint and select High Detail, then copy over to full settings and take a screenshot of the basic and advanced tabs. You can then go back to your Dually in “machine settings” and then open to full settings and copy over any changes that are there. This will give you the High detail setting, for your Dually.
This way you can set up any profile that you want to change. The screenshot will save all the settings so that you can go through them one at a time and make the corresponding changes. this will make it so that you can adjust the layer height, the speed, etc.
I hope this will help.