Cura 3.2.21 profiles with Dual extruder printing

Choosing ninjaflex and either of the profiles, then custom, the layer hight does not match the profile names. Standard 0.3mm is set to 0.38. High detail 0.15mm is set to 0.3mm. High speed 0.38mm is set to 0.42mm.

Is this intended or are basics just not in place yet for dual extrusion?


In order to properly function, your layer height needs to be the same between both extruders. If you had different layer heights, the nozzle will run into the other layer. So when you load two profiles with different layer heights, Cura will automatically average the two. Go ahead and set both profiles to NinjaFlex with the same quality, and it will reflect the proper heights.

Thanks, makes sense. I wonder if layer hight is the only thing changed or what other parameters are changed.

I can see that other things change as well - A bit dangerous that if I change a custom temperature (final printing temperature) for material on extruder 1, then that setting was also adopted for the second extruder Ninjaflex - 245C is a lot for ninjaflex, oops!

Still can’t get profile changes to dual extrusion prints to work reliably - Ninjaflex just go printed with 260C even though the recommended settings was chosen for it. That clocked the nozzle pretty bad.

Tried ABS and Ninjaflex both recommended settings. And selecting standard 3mm profile for ninjaflex the slicer says it can’t slice due to wrong fan setting. So even standard settings have issues.

But selecting 4.5mm standard profile for ABS after selecting Ninjaflex, we had a half decent print except for the bottom that was all blurred out between the materials.

Looks like it will be a great feature set when it reach a mature stage for dual printing and profile handling some day.