cura dual v3 custom material

I have been unable to create a custom material profile in cura 2.2.66 or 2.6.69 that uses the correct temperature.

I’ve been trying to use the dual extruder v3 on a taz5 and the corresponding version of cura, but it does not let me set my own temperature. When I try to create a custom material and change the settings, it ignores the new settings.

For example I go to manage materials create a new material and change the default temperature to 245. I activate the material and everything looks ok. I then print it or save the gcode and instead of 245 it sets the temperature to 210. Has anyone been able to create a new material and change the printing temperature using dual v3 extruder and cura?

After creating a customer material, Cura will automatically create a “default” profile. This is just base PLA settings, that you can than modify for your specific material. After creating a “testing” material with a temp set to 245, go to Custom -> Material. You will than see that the printing temperature is set to 210c (due to it pulling in PLA profiles).

You can update this (and all other settings) to where you like it. Once you have the settings you want to keep, go to Profiles -> Create Profile from existing Changes/Overrides. This will save all your settings for use at a later point.

We hope this helps!

@Brent.I -

When using “Create profile from existing…”, the profile becomes “global” to all materials – showing up as a quality choice for every material (both built-in materials and custom materials).

Is that intentional? Based on how the built-in materials and quality profiles work, I expected custom quality profiles to be associated (and listed / selectable) only with the material for which they were created. As it works now, every material ends up with a long list of custom profiles that were created for other materials. Not only is that confusing, it requires including the material name in each quality profile created, otherwise there is no reference to which material the custom quality profile is applicable.


We did not intend it that way. There were a few upstream changes to the way materials are handled in up stream 3.2 branch (Much faster loading times, yay!) and we will look into getting this fixed up in the 3.2 release.