Cura LE 3.2.32 Custom Material Diameter and Profiles Issues

I’m having issues with Cura.

First, If I create a custom material it will not keep any filament diameter for cost estimation. It just resets back to 0.00mm when I switch away and switch back. I can’t tell if it has any affect on the profile or is just for cost estimation.

Second, If I ignore that issue and continue with making profiles for that material, when I try to update a profile with the current print settings Cura will crash.

Third, since each profile is tied to a material if I have different profiles for Black ABS, e.g., one with supports and one without or high speed and high detail, but need to switch to White ABS which has a slightly different temperature that it likes and slightly different diameter. I have to make another material and all new profiles that are the same as the other ABS profiles, and hope it doesn’t crash.

I think I’m missing something. Why does it keep crashing when I’m making profiles and why can’t I just switch materials and keep 95% of my other settings the same?

Edit: also happening with Cura 3.6.25.

Provide %appdata% error logs please.

Is there a way to attach it or do you want the whole dump in a post?

You can upload files.

Software issues all around apparently. It won’t let me attach a .log or .txt file

I think I found a clunky work around. I saved the settings as a new profile I called “temporary” and went into the .cfg file for that one and the one I wanted to update and copied and pasted the settings. Then I duplicated that material and updated my temporary profile and copied and pasted those values to the new material/profile.

The frustrating thing about this is I’m ending up with profile names and materials with horrible names because of the way Cura names duplicated materials. For example my duplicate of my duplicate profile is


Edit: There’s no way to preview a post either it seems.

Feel free to try again, I updated the extensions list to allow .log


cura-lulzbot.log (292.3 KB)

in your log it looks like its crashing because of this error

Exception: When trying to deserialize lulzbot_taz6_extruder #2, we received an unknown ID (ABS_(Village_Plastics)_Standard_taz6_ABS_(Village_Plastics) #3) for container

With the other details given in the post I can’t draw a conclusion as to what the issue is. Sounds like you might be trying to do things in a way that is incompatible with how Cura handles custom materials.

Then I guess I don’t understand how Cura is supposed to handle different materials or the software is bugged. And searching is not helping.

If I try to start a material from scratch, there’s settings that don’t write to the .cfg file it creates.

If I duplicate one of the generic materials as a starting point it copies over the protected profiles and you can’t update those and on top of that you get the crappy file naming in the quality folder. After getting one color’s settings to where I like them then duplicate it for the next color then the next it just keeps recursively adding the generic material’s name. This is what is in the quality folder after duplicating to get just 3 colors


And there’s no way around it. It seems like if you rename the material in the UI, the CFG file in the quality folder should update to a simpler name, but it doesn’t.

So what are you supposed to do with multiple manufacturers’ filaments? make 20 different custom profiles under one Generic material?